Ultracomplex Mouthwash - twentyfiveoseven Limited


Ultracomplex Mouthwash


This mouthwash remineralizes and brightens even sensitive teeth. The contained papain protects against plaque. Ethereal oils of sophora, cloves, anise and lemon peel have an anti-inflammatory effect on the gums. You can even reach the most inaccessible areas in the oral cavity. The Mouthwash complements the SPLAT Professional Ultracomplex toothpaste. The use is recommended after meals and after teethbrushing.

  • strengthens the enamel
  • reduces hypersensitivity
  • freshens breath
  • protects for plaque
  • fluoride-free
  • addition to SPLAT Professional Ultracomplex toothpaste
  • free of triclosan, chlorhexidine, parabens, saccharin, SLS, artificial flavours or colors
  • content: 275ml