After Shave Balm Anti Age - twentyfiveoseven Limited
After Shave Balm Anti Age - twentyfiveoseven Limited


After Shave Balm Anti Age


For a Groomed Appearance 

As we grow older, the skin’s immune system becomes less effective and inflam- mation within the deeper layers of skin increases. if chronic inflammations ari- se, free radicals are conti- nuously released, encoura- ging the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.
Based on the close con
nection between skin aging and inflammatory processes, EBENHOLZ has developed an Aftershave Balm which for the first time combines the effects of magnolia bark and birch leaf extracts − a wholly natural remedy for razor burn,  in inflammation, irritations and skin aging.

Magnolia bark extract contains two potent active ingredients: magnolol and honokiol. They inhibit chro- nic inflammations and help to fight skin ageing from the inside.
Birch leaf extracts have an immediate soothing effect, stimulating your metabolism and ensuring your skin looks better.

The birch leaf extracts (Betula Alba L) and magnolia bark (Magnolia Oficinalis) extracts used in the products come from certified organic farms and are extracted gently, using only water.