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Careful enamel brightening


 Careful enamel brightening
Nano-restorative toothpaste for sensitive teeth

A strengthening toothpaste containing nanohydroxyapatite, an active substance composing dental enamel, stevia and grape seed extracts, whitening enzyme Tannase and high-molecular ingredient Polydone.



INNOVA toothpaste with effective Hydroxyapatite dosage (2.25%) in active nanoform penetrates deeply into open dentinal tubules and completely seals them, strengthens enamel and decreases sensitivity of teeth, including cervical area.


mHAP in effective dosage (2.25%) restores enamel

Innovative enzyme Tannase and high-molecular ingredient Polydone carefully whitens enamel

Grape seeds extract assures effective protection from caries

Stevia extract maintains healthy gums




Free from: fluoride, SLS, parabens, colors, chlorhexidine, triclosan, potassium salts, aluminum compounds, calcium carbonate, aggressive abrasives, phosphates and pyrophosphates, sodium saccharinate, products of animal origin.




Cleaning Effect

Desensitizing Effect

Remineralisation Efficacy







Anti-Inflammatory Efficacy

Anti-Caries Efficacy

Haemostatic Efficacy





Lightens Teeth by 2 Tones and decreases dental Plaque Formation


More details

  • Complex strengthening effect due to anti-inflammatory, haemostatic, desensitizing, remineralizing, and anti-caries action.
  • After a month’s use of INNOVA® toothpaste, improvement of parodontium state occurs, in particular, elimination of inflammatory phenomena and gum edemas, thickening of gingival margin soft tissues, gingival haemorrhage arrest, as well as strengthening of solid dental tissues and sealing of open dentinal tubules, which assures decrease of teeth sensitivity.
  • Pronounced decrease of dental plaque formation (inhibitory effects on accumulation and growth of soft dental plaque).