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Mattifying Power Lotion


With Double Action
For A Strong

The EBENHOLZ revolution in the mattifying skincare product segment. The effect: a long lasting matte look and pleasantly soft, natural looking skin. 
For the first time, the VALVANCE Touch 150 active complex has been combined in the laboratory with the vitalizing natural power of the horse chestnut.

Proven to be effective
• High oil-absorption capacity, mattifying effect.
• Absorbs a substantial amount of sweat and sebum
• Leaves a soft and velvety feeling on the skin after use
• Creates a perfectly natural texture
• Long-lasting, proven mattifying effect

The healing effect of the horse chestnut on the vascular system has been recognized for centuries. It reduces swelling, supports micro-circulation, strengthens the blood vessels and also firms the skin. This extract is gently extracted from the seeds of organically-grown-horse-chestnut.