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SILVER super slim Dental Floss


Super slim Dental Floss Splat SILVER - Ordinary dental flosses cannot penetrate into narrow interdental spaces and assure a complete oral care. The solution of this problem is Splat super slim dental flosses designed for special care. They do not fall into fibres and do not tear. Additional use of silver ions increases the flosses’ antibacterial properties.7 slimmest fibres of pure silver in combination with mint extract exert double antibacterial effects* and prevent bacterial multiplication. *Confirmed by in vitro tests. Silver has potent antibacterial effect. The floss formulation includes mint extract, a potent antiseptic and refreshing ingredient. The Facts of Splat super slim dental Floss (under silver fibre): Silver is an ancient metal with interesting history. 2500 years BC Egyptian warriors used silver for treatment of battle wounds by applying thin silver plates on them, which caused rapid wound healing. In Russian orthodox church, holy water for the congregation was always kept in silver vessels. Besides, silver is believed to empower those wearing it.

  • super slim - even for the smallest dental spaces
  • prevents bacterial inflammations
  • with silver fibers
  • 30 m